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Museum of Australian Commercial Aviation

Welcome to The Museum of Australian Commercial Aviation.

This unique collection began with a passion and idea by Zarik of Mount Barker, Western Australia.

Zarik was the original curator & owner of the collection.

"Having a passion for aviation and collecting I saw that no one else in Australia was collecting and preserving items from all past Australian commercial airlines. The museums that were out there focused on the big three; Qantas Ansett and TAA.

I realized I could not afford to put the collection on public display in a bricks and mortar building so I chose to digitize the entire collection and make it freely available online.

So in 2005 I started this collection and have been building it ever since.
This is not a static web site or collection. It is very dynamic and new items and airlines are been discovered and added regularly.

My aim is to preserve a representative sample of memorabilia and collectible objects including day to day operational objects from Australia’s past and present commercial airlines.

This includes a brief history of each airlines operations, fleet, key people and key dates within the operations history.
These aims are achieved by the preservation and showcasing of the entire collection online as part of Australia’s cultural heritage whilst operating with a not for profit stance.

What you see on this web site is actually in the collection this is not a virtual collection, every item you see is owned by the museum and can be seen in person by arrangement".


Web Site Cataloguing Has Commenced.
Complete Desktop Collection
Coming Soon

Currently On Display At White Gum

Items from The OzJet Gallery


Boeing 737

Ozjet 737-200 Aircraft

Open for tours 11:00am

Saturday & Sunday


Embraer EMB 120

Re-Assembly Work In Progress


Supermarine Spitfire

On selected days

300px ANA
OzJet Small
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