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The  Journey...


Two 737-200 aircraft sat at Perth Airport in the elements deteriorating waiting for the scrap merchants mechanical jaws.

No longer airworthy the aircraft were scheduled to be demolished and removed. Many of us wanted to see them saved and put to use, so with the help of the community we have successfully transported the first (of two aircraft,) by road, piece by piece to a new destination.

Transporting an aircraft measuring 30.5 metres long with a 28.3 metre wing span, 5.5 metres high and weighing 28 Tonnes some 100 kilometres by road is a logistical challenge and a sight which will never be seen again. Travelling along some of Perth's main roads, we did it once, and very soon will do it again for the last time...

We have the first aircraft VH-OZX positioned, the wings are back on and she sits on her own wheels once again. This was another major stage that took more heavy duty equipment and many hands over many hours.

OZX is open for public 'Work-In-Progress' viewing via a guided tour on the weekends. Perth has the beginning of an attraction that not many countries have; a unique opportunity to see and touch parts of an aircraft only a very few get to experience. Eventually, we will showcase the aircraft in a unique way, stripping back some of the internal facades to reveal what goes on under the skin. Opening the hatches and the secrets that lie beneath. Where is the black box anyway?


737 Poly.jpg


OzJet was a scheduled and charter airline based out of Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport operating within Australasia from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. In 2008 it was sold to HeavyLift Cargo Airlines, and on 20 May 2009 it suspended it's last flight operations from Perth. In June 2009, OzJet was purchased by the Strategic Group however the company become insolvent on 17 February 2012, which ceased all of OzJets operations. 

About 737-200


Taking apart any aircraft is no easy feat. To do it on two Boeing 737-200's, with tight security protocols is a whole other ball game.

Many hours with many volunteers have gone into painstakingly removing screw by screw, bolt by bolt to transport these aircraft to their new home. 

The Move

The Move

Transporting a Boeing 737-200 Aircraft by road is not something you see every day. It takes a lot of time, planning, coordination, patience and skill!

Thanks to Toll, the first move went off relatively smoothly.... 

Where are we now?

With one aircraft settled in her home at White Gum, the remaining Oz Jet 737 is ready and awaiting transport to White Gum Air Park. 

Transporting an aircraft of this size is no mean feet, we patiently wait for a capable company to help in this massive move.

Find out what's currently happening! 

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