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White Gum Community

The White Gum Community is a hive of activity, with so many things to see and do, you can be entertained for days!

Enjoy camping, a four-wheel drive track, a swim in Lake Kimberley, dinner and drinks at Lake Kimberley Bar and Grill, learn to fly, take a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF).... the possibilities are endless.... explore what we have to offer, follow the links below.

White Gum Air Park

No landing fees - No hold ups -

Power and Water

Fly in for a coffee or an overnight stay

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White Gum Farm

Caravan & Adventure Park

Just over an hour from Perth in the Needling Hills, East of York

White Gum Aviation

Learning to fly is a wonderful, but sometimes challenging experience, achievable by almost anyone from the age of 15.

White Gum Aviation is committed to providing a safe and effective method in all aspect of 3 axis flight instruction.


Gyrocopter Flights WA

Discover the thrill of flying a modern European factory built Gyrocopter over beautiful Avon Valley scenery & landmarks.

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