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Adelaide Airways

IATA Code: -

ICAO Code: -

Known As:  Adelaide Airways

Full Name:  Adelaide Airways Ltd

Country: Australia

Call sign: -


Brief History

On 03 July, 1935, Adelaide Airways Ltd. was founded, by the Adelaide Steamship Company, to operate air services between Adelaide & Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island, Broken Hill & Melbourne.  

The Company was registered during August, with a nominal capital of £250,000.

On 16 August, the company was incorporated.

On 29 October, Adelaide Airways operated its 1st flight; commencing a twice-weekly Adelaide-Mt. Gambier-Melbourne service, using Short Scion VH-UUT.  Hamilton was included until 1936.

On 30 October, Adelaide Airways began operating 3-times weekly (Mon/Wed/Sat) Adelaide-Port Lincoln-Adelaide services, using Short Scion VH-UUT, although Monospar VH-UUV was normally used.
Capt. Harold O. Cook flew the first service.

On 19 November, Adelaide Airways began a twice-weekly Monospar ST.25 Adelaide-Broken Hill service, which connected with the then Western & Southern Provincial Airlines service to Sydney.

On 25 January, 1936, Adelaide Airways began Adelaide-Kingscote (Kangaroo Island) services.  A proving flight was operated on 10 January by a Monospar (Capt. Harold Cook), with 3 passengers returning to Adelaide.

During early-1936, Ivan Holyman began discussions with Adelaide Airways on a possible merger of Holyman’s Airways & Adelaide Airways.  This eventually led to the formation of Australian National Airways Pty. Ltd. on 13 May, 1936.

During February, Adelaide Airways purchased the small company South Australian Airways Ltd.

On 22 April, the Orient Steam Navigation Co. joined the Adelaide Steamship Co., as a major shareholder.

On 12 June, Adelaide Airways announced the purchase of West Australia Airways Ltd., including is prize Adelaide-Perth-Adelaide route, for a reported £25,000.

By mid-year, Adelaide Airways linked Adelaide to Broken Hill, Cowell, Kangaroo Island, Millicent, Mt. Gambier, Naracoorte, Port Lincoln, Renmark, plus Hamilton & Melbourne & the ex-W.A.A. Adelaide-Forrest-Perth service.  Its Rapides replaced Short Scions on the service to Melbourne, which now included Naracoorte, SA & an optional call at Geelong, Vic. One report suggests that Mildura was also served.

On 01 July, Adelaide Airways replaced West Australian Airways on the Perth-Adelaide route, with Rapide VH-UVI operating Forrest-Adelaide.

On 03 August, Adelaide Airways extended its Adelaide-Renmark-Broken Hill service to Melbourne, departing Adelaide Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, using a D.H.89 & commenced a daily Adelaide-Mt. Gambier-Melbourne & return service.

Between August & November Adelaide Airways operated Adelaide-Mildura-Broken Hill & a separate Mildura-Melbourne service. That probably gave a Broken Hill connection to Melbourne.

On 02 November, 1936, Australian National Airways Pty. Ltd. (A.N.A.) began operations, incorporating Adelaide Airways Ltd. & Holyman's Airways.



de Havilland D.H.50 - VH-UEL, UEM, UFE.

de Havilland D.H.84 - VH-URD?, URE, URO?

de Havilland D.H.89 - VH-UUO, UVI, UVT.

Fokker 4 Universal - VH-UJT.

G.A.L. Monospar ST-25 - VH-UUV.

Short S.16 Scion - VH-UTV, UUT, UVQ.

Vickers Type 198 - VH-UOO.

Information Source: Fred Niven

Travel By Air Cinderella Stamp

Travel By Air Cinderella Stamp

This is a Cinderella Stamp which is an item that resembles a postage stamp but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration.

This "stamp" is "Travel By Air" for Adelaide Airways

Production Notes: Nil

Acquisition Date: 2017

Production Date: Nil

Height: 38 mm

Width: 45 mm

Adelaide to Broken Hill Label

Adelaide to Broken Hill Label

The aircraft on the label is VH-UUV a GAL Monospar ST.25  c/n ST25/48.
VH-UUV was delivered to Adelaide Airways in October of 1935 having previously been registered in Switzerland as HB-AIR.

Production Notes: Nil

Acquisition Date: 2011

Production Date: Nil

Height: 100 mm

Width: 155 mm


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