A Community Involved Project
by White Gum Air Park
A Community Involved Project by White Gum Air Park
Boeing 737-200 restoration
Boeing 737-200 restoration

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Updates on the campaign to rescue and relocate two Boeing 737-200 in Perth Western Australia

Volunteers Morning 3

Saturday, August 05, 2017
 27 Volunteers enjoyed a varying range of work.

Our new (old) engine cradle got some TLC and can now be adjusted with ease.
Almost ready to be rolled under the engines, when we get some new (old) tyres. 
Volunteers successfully removed the right hand fuselage to wing cowling.This is where just some of those screws you have heard of are installed.
Some screws were obliging and came out easily,
some were stubborn and were drilled out,
and of course a couple (in the most difficult of locations) needed other forms of friendly persuasion

As a 737-200 volunteer,
You can get into all sorts of places... 

This is the IT department, the main computer room. You wont find WiFi in here...

Horizontal Stabiliser 01

Friday, August 04, 2017
  Separation of the horizontal stabiliser.
Removal was a lot easier than we feared.
With prior planning and careful lifting, all it takes is a little elbow grease and time.
Many small screws and smaller nuts and bolts preceded the 5 main bolts. 

Now safely on the ground.

The stabilisers sit 5 metres above ground level.
The single stabiliser and elevator assembly is 3.8m long at the fuselage connection
Spans is 7.3m. 
It weighs 352kg. 
3 more to go...

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