A Community Involved Project
by White Gum Air Park
A Community Involved Project by White Gum Air Park
Boeing 737-200 restoration
Boeing 737-200 restoration

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Updates on the campaign to rescue and relocate two Boeing 737-200 in Perth Western Australia

Welcome Aboard

Friday, February 03, 2017

We have moved in!
Well, not quite but what an exciting day...

Being impatient, we could not wait any longer for steps. In place we constructed a portable scaffold which worked quite well for now. Thanks to the folks that joined us and for the advice; do you know how to open a 737 door? I do now!

The inside of one aircraft is quite moldy, the other is relatively clean. Nothing a good scrub wont fix. I'm sure we can recruit some help for this job?

We had a good look around the inside and of course a sit in the Pilot seat. This was quite a classy aircraft in its day, full blue leather upholstery and even flowers in the toilet, stylish hu?

The Sea Container was also delivered today, it shouldnt be too much longer before we can begin some real work on the aircraft.

Thanks again to Perth Airport, their assistance today was first class.

We will be posting our first newsletter soon with more images. Keep an eye out on our facebook page for the video of today.

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