A Community Involved Project
by White Gum Air Park
A Community Involved Project by White Gum Air Park
Boeing 737-200 restoration
Boeing 737-200 restoration

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Updates on the campaign to rescue and relocate two Boeing 737-200 in Perth Western Australia

Our Second Visit

Friday, November 11, 2016
Our second visit to the aircraft, this time with Matt from TLC (The Lifting Company). Matt measures up for the aircraft jacks and cradles and we discuss a method of removing the wings once the aircraft are supported off the ground. Reasonably light at 30 Tonnes, there will be a couple of fuselage supports and support for the wings in preparation for removal. The tail section will have to be removed also. Two small cranes should be up to the task, this will keep our height down to a minimum whilst the airport continues as normal. We will need a sea container on site as a store/workshop and many hands on deck...

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