A Community Involved Project
by White Gum Air Park
A Community Involved Project by White Gum Air Park
Boeing 737-200 restoration
Boeing 737-200 restoration

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Updates on the campaign to rescue and relocate two Boeing 737-200 in Perth Western Australia

A Tail Of Bees

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Lifting Company came to our rescue once again when they delivered a scissor lift for the 'Exterminator'.

Matt from TLC braved the airborne attacks and rode alongside Craig from MRP Pest Control. Navigating their noble stead in stealth mode for the exterminator to deliver his deadly puff of powder.

The thousands of bees were, as you may expect, not very happy. They defended their Queen in a brave and courageous manner to the death. There were a couple of warriors that made the ultimate attacking sacrifice and successfully delivered their painful payload, one in the back of my neck.

Of course, there can only be one winner in such a battle and our team of Mavericks emerged victorious in this ground to air attack, not just in one battle but two.

We salute the the airmanship of Bee Squadron and all who fell. It was a cool place for our fellow aviators to build a hive, we are saddened in our victory that it had to end this way.

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