A Community Involved Project
by White Gum Air Park
A Community Involved Project by White Gum Air Park
Boeing 737-200 restoration
Boeing 737-200 restoration


You may have seen the two OzJet aircraft parked at Perth Airport? They have been there since May 2009.

Originally there were three aircraft parked where the Virgin Terminal now sits. One of the jets was flown to Jandakot Airport on April 24th 2010. This aircraft is used by Polytechnic West (former TAFE) for (non flying) training.

The aircraft born at Boeing in Renton USA, left the factory in September 1975, purchased by the Belgian airline Sebena. Through a sordid history of leases and livery changes they were eventually registered in Australia as VH-OZU and VH-OZX by OzJet Airlines on October 26th 2005.

By May 2009 OzJet had made its final flight.

Having flown some 63,000 hours with 45,000 cycles OzJet were placed in the hands of the administrator on May 21st 2009. The fuel thirsty aircraft failed to sell for the asking price of $US 695,00 each on the day. The aircraft then appeared on the American register as NH733HL and NH737HL. Remaining on the ground and finally cancelled from the American register in 2011.

Over the last 9 years the deteriorating aircraft have accumulated parking fees in excess of their value. Occupying precious ground space they need to depart, one way or another...

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