A Community Involved Project
by White Gum Air Park
A Community Involved Project by White Gum Air Park
Boeing 737-200 restoration

Jet Rescue, Two Boeing 737's at Perth Airport

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with an aircraft of this size? Travel with us, on a journey never to be repeated.

There are two Boeing 737 aircraft parked at Perth Airport. Once the pride of the fleet for OzJet, they have been deteriorating and accumulating parking fees in excess of their value for the past 7 years. Occupying precious ground space they need to depart, one way or another. No longer airworthy, the aircraft must be demolished and removed bit by bit. Many of us want to see them saved and put to use.

With the help of the community we will transport the two aircraft, by road, piece by piece to a new destination.

Your involvement will ensure this project gets, not quite airborne but, off the ground.

Step one is to dismantle the aircraft ready for transport to site. Once reassembled the aircraft will be open for public inspection. You will be able to touch the controls, flick the switches, and have a look at cut away sections of the insides. Perhaps sit up the front and make noises like you’re flying? How about staying the night or weekend in your own on-board cabin?

When we're done the aircraft will serve as a monument to past aviation, and an education for anyone with a remote interest in a machine that carries 100 or more passengers around the world. 

An icon for Western Australia that you can be an integral part of. Whether you want to donate some dollars, invest some of your time or offer some advice. Perhaps you would like to secure a part of the aircraft to display your name in recognition of your contribution for all visitors to see. There are many opportunities…


You may have seen the old OzJet aircraft parked at Perth Airport? They have been there for since May 2009.

Originally there were three aircraft parked where the Virgin Terminal now sits. One of the jets was flown to Jandakot Airport on April 24th 2010. This aircraft is used by Polytechnic West for training.


Saving Perth's 737s

The two aircraft sit in the elements deteriorating waiting for the scrap merchants mechanical jaws.

Many of us want to see them saved and put to use. No longer airworthy they must be transported by road to a new destination.


A Project To Get Involved With

This project will only work with you behind it.

Your donation, Your time, Your advice and Your suggestions are valued.

Never before have two aircraft been transported this way for this distance. When complete, WA will have a unique icon, open for public viewing.


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